The Proper Role Of Taxes In A Free Country

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The Proper Role of Taxes in a Free Country

Randy Schaffer


The America 101 Project

Until everyone understands the proper role of taxes in a free country, we cannot have a free country, nor do we deserve one.

The only proper tax in a free country is the only tax that we do not have and that is a tax in the form of an itemized bill for government services rendered.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Your tax bill should look very similar to what your bill looks like when you get your receipt from the cashier at the grocery store, listing exactly where every penny you spent has gone.  This allows you to hold the government, who after all are your employees, accountable, and if you don’t like the way your money is being spent, or how much you are being charged, you can take part in the process of firing your employees and hiring new ones, who hopefully will do a better job for you.  This would also allow us to replace the IRS with a much smaller agency whose job it is to audit the government and not the people.

Here is a list of some of our current taxes and why they do not belong in a free country:

1.)  Property Taxes-  One of the basic principles of a free country is the right to private property ownership and to be secure in that property.  If you pay property taxes, that necessarily means that you do not own your land, nor do you own anything you build on it.  In fact, it means that you are leasing your property from the government and it also means that the government can change the terms of that lease anytime it sees fit to choose and in some cases can even terminate that lease, whether you like it or not.

2.)  Income Taxes-  Freedom dictates several things, among them is the fact that it is none of the governments business how much money you make or how you spend your own hard earned money.  Because of that, an income tax is not possible in a free country.

3.)  Sales Tax-  A sales tax is an income tax, only it is even worse, because a sales tax is an income tax on anyone who owns a business, without it being an income tax on those who choose to work as someone else’s employee.  One of the things that freedom dictates is that I am not worth one bit more, nor one bit less than you are, in the eyes of the government and in the eyes of the law, no matter who I am and no matter who you are.

4.)  Taxation without representation, Part 1-  Some locales are finding that their voters are very hesitant to vote to raise their own taxes and have been known to defeat incumbents who vote for tax increases.  They have come up with a unique solution, and that is to raise taxes, only on those who are not allowed to vote in that city or town.  The tax increase looks something like this:  A property tax increase only on rental properties and businesses, but not on homes that the owner actually lives in.  This makes it fairly easy for voters to pass as no one who is voting for the tax increase will have their own taxes increased.

5.)  Taxation without representation, Pt 2-  We now have almost as many people in this country who do not pay income taxes as we have people who do pay income taxes.  It is fairly easy for those who pay no income taxes to vote for elected officials who promise to raise taxes on those who do pay income taxes.  We will never be a free country as long as I am able to vote myself money out of your wallet.  Think about it!