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Sharing a newspaper column I wrote two years ago because it is still apropos


By Keith Nobles

Throwing something up into the air, no matter how hard and far you threw it, does not mean you have defeated gravity. These folks who support the continued distortion of the markets make an argument that is akin to “See, it has not hit the ground again so I have defeated gravity!”

Distorted markets always unwind. Unless people believe, and to be very fair most leftist do believe, that human nature and economics has changed in the most fundamental of ways it will be true again. In my opinion, the problem here is that most leftist do believe that they have used legislation and regulation and popular media to fundamentally change human nature. At the end of the day that will prove delusional. I suspect the price we pay for that delusion will be extreme.

There are many people out in the universe at the moment that happen to believe that if they use enough power and force to distort a market that it will never unwind. They also typically coincide with the people who believe that human nature can be changed via regulation, legislation and popular media.

This is not the first time that people have come to believe that they have changed human nature. Changing human nature is the basis of Marxism and all Marxist believe Marxism changes human nature. Fascism is based in the belief that it can change human nature. This is not uncommon in history; the absolute abject failure in believing that you can change human nature is also not uncommon in history.

In fact, believing you can change human nature has never once succeeded no matter how much force you use.

The pattern is common, they come to believe that they can solve the problems in the world by changing human nature. That belief is inevitably acted upon by using all of the power they can amass in order to compel people to change. What will follow will often be people changing their behavior because they fear the consequences represented by the force compelling them to do so. However forcing people to change their behavior in the face of dire consequences is not the same as changing human nature.

That is the rub in this belief system. You cannot use force to change human nature, you can use force to change human behavior. Ever more force is required in order to maintain that ‘change’ in human behavior. ‘Ever more force’ has a logical end and when that logical end is reached the logical end of the ‘change’ is also reached.