Wash Rinse Repeat

by | Oct 11, 2017 | Culture, Keith, Politics | 0 comments

There is such a thing as an oligarchy.

The oligarchy rules via taxes, regulation and legislation.

There are two fundamental responses in addressing the oligarchy.

One is the removal of the taxes, regulation and legislation.

The other is to alter the taxes, regulation and legislation.

The first is the position of libertarians and conservatives.

The second is the position of the Left.

The problem with the position the Left has adopted, i.e. to alter the taxes, regulation and legislation, is that the current taxes, regulation and legislation sustaining the oligarchy is a result of the Lefts previous arguments to address the oligarchy via to alter the taxes, regulation and legislation. Wash rinse repeat – endlessly.

The Left has such ego and self-righteousness that they are unwilling to even consider that their proposals are those that the oligarchs prefer. “But but but they did it wrong the previous times! We will do it right – because we are superior!” No, no you are not and yes, you are doing exactly what your Leftist brethren previously did that created this situation in the first place. “But but but if we just control everything – from the price of money down – it will all work this time!” No, no it won’t and no it isn’t.

This will not end well but it will be entertaining.