What Do We Know About People v. Trump, and What Difference, At This Point Does It Make?

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Culture, Politics, Shawn | 0 comments

What do we know about the purported case against Trump?
We know the FBI was investigating two Trump campaign associates, Carter Paige and Michael Flynn, for unregistered lobbying activities related to Russia.
We know Trump was not under investigation for collusion with Russia. We know James Comey informed Trump on at least three occasions he was not a target of the investigation.
We know Trump asked Comey to make that information public, and for whatever reason, Comey refused to do so.
We know Comey briefed Congressional leaders including Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and told them Trump was not under investigation.
We know the media was feverishly reporting Trump was under investigation, based on anonymous leaks from current and former intelligence officials.
We know that a day or two later Schumer demanded a slowdown in Senate business, including a halt on voting on Supreme Court nominees, until questions were resolved about the investigation of the president.


We know that when James Comey testified before the House, he refused to say whether Trump was under investigation. Rather, he said he was conducting a counter-intelligence operation into Russian meddling in the investigation. He coyly added that, as with all such investigations, the FBI would assess whether crimes had been committed. When asked point blank whether the FBI was investigating Trump, Comey said he was not comfortable answering that question.


We know these exchanges were taking place while the media continued to breathlessly quote anonymous sources claiming the president was under investigation.
We know these events infuriated Charles Grassley, who tweeted that Comey should be transparent and tell the public what he had told Congressional leadership about whether Trump was under investigation or not. Grassley also called out Schumer’s lies, and said  Schumer was making allegations that “he knew weren’t true.”
We know when Comey testified before the Senate under oath, he finally admitted that he had assured Trump three times he was not a target. When asked why he had refused to inform the public of that, Comey gave the astonishing answer that he didn’t want to announce a position, because if the situation changed, and he decided to investigate Trump, he would have to correct the record and say he was investigating the president. Yes, the same James Comey who publicly indicted Hillary Clinton’s extreme carelessness, then gave her a free pass, then publicly announced he was reopening the investigation, then publicly cleared her again, that guy, could not be bothered to inform the exercised public that he was not investigating the president for all the things the media was reporting he was investigating the president for.
We know that Trump got sick of Comey’s two faced act and fired him.
We know the vast elite conspiracy shifted immediately to a new hysteria: Obstruction. We know the vast elite conspiracy is really a clown car caravan of reporters, pundits, academics, entertainers, and activists who believe their disgust for a vulgar president constitutes grounds for impeachment. We know they will not give up the effort to hound the president out of office until they have overturned a Constitutional election or until they have bled dry every last bit of their credibility and authority and there is no one left who hears them howling in the wilderness or cares.