What If Trump Fails?

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Keith, Politics | 0 comments

Gallup has released their updates for May and it is instructive. 28% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the federal government, while 55% have an unfavorable opinion. More interestingly – 47% of those polled said the government is doing too much and 45% saying it is not doing enough.

That single data point illustrates the divisions in this country – but it does not capture the intensity of those divisions. In a very real sense it no longer matters who is President – half the country will hate who ever is in the oval office. However we have moved far past the point of half the country simply hating who ever is in the oval office to the point of actively wanting to torpedo who ever that person is. Wanting to actively torpedo the President is an interesting strategy. It leads to the very logical question of what happens if you succeed in torpedoing Trump?

I have little doubt that if the Trump haters succeed in torpedoing the President that it will bring untold misery on millions or even tens of millions or potentially even hundreds of millions of Americans. It is almost cliché to repeat “I didn’t vote for Trump…” however I didn’t vote for the guy. I did not vote for him for some sound reasons – I don’t think he has the personality or skill set to get done what we need to get done. I don’t think he tells the truth too awful much. I don’t think he has the appetite to deal with our lethal problems.

All that being said – he is now President and hoping for his failure is most assuredly the same as wishing untold misery on millions. In other words – wishing for the failure of Trump is an indisputably immoral position to take. Here are the consequences of a Trump failure: Obamacare self-implodes and millions are left without healthcare. That is what happens if Trump fails. What is more, we are at the moment on the edge of a global financial and economic crisis and if Trump fails we will probably see a replay of the 2008-09 crisis or worse.

If Trump fails what comes from North Korea? ISIS? Russia? China? Iran? I will guarantee you nothing good will come of that.

I do not care whom you are – if Trump fails your life will get much worse. The life of your children will get much worse. Let that sink in before you wish for, advocate for or work for the failure of Trump.

It is almost impossible to imagine the level of obtuseness of those who wish for Trump to fail. The Progressives seem to think that if Trump fails they will be barraged with requests to save the day. I think if Trump fails the Left is much more likely to be barraged with bullets moving about 2800 fps than a request to save the day. That is the direction this is moving and I do not want that to happen. Why the Progressives think that is such a splendid idea completely escapes me.

If Trump fails then the United States and the world will be headed for political and economic crisis. The United States has previously survived economic crisis. The United States has previously survived political crisis. Two simultaneous crisis of the magnitude caused by a Trump failure, with the current level of division and hate in this country, would be incredibly challenging to survive – individually for some and nationally for all.

Trump may very well fail even without people trying to torpedo him. Obama left the world in a brittle state, more brittle than at any point since the 1930’s. We have problems that I cannot conceive of a potential solution and I just hope that we can find some incredibly smart people that can devise a solution.

It is easy to ponder “What are the Progressives thinking?” and then you realize – they are not thinking. Unfortunately the prospects of Progressives to begin thinking seem to be nil. By and large Progressives are ignorant people – and I do not use that word as a pejorative but as an observation. The people who wish for Trump to fail are oblivious to the hell that is likely to follow the failure of Trump. Saying that they are oblivious is the nicest thing one can say about them for if they are not oblivious but intentionally wish to bring this hell down on the heads of their neighbors and children they are simply immoral beyond words.

I despise Donald Trump. I think he is a full time ass and part time lunatic – but right now he is the only shot you have to avoid a once-in-a-century crisis.