When People Believe Propaganda

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Culture, Keith, Politics | 0 comments

It was just two weeks ago that, in the wake of President Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord, politicians and celebrities and Leftist were claiming that Republicans were ‘killing our children’ and ‘murdering the earth’ and endless absurdities. The problem with propaganda such as this is that a segment of the population will not recognize it for absurdities and propaganda – but will think it is real and true. Of course if you really do believe that Republicans are going to kill your children and murder the earth you might decide it is important to stop that.

Tim Kaine, the Democrat nominee for Vice President in 2016, called for ‘blood in the streets.’ Yesterday he got his wish.

Just about twenty-four hours ago a fellow full of envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, disgust, and hate – in other words a Progressive – made his attempt to stop it by using a rifle to shoot at Republicans. He did indeed wound two Republicans including a congressman as well as two police officers. This fellow believed the propaganda – and extrapolated out the message he was being fed in order to execute action commensurate to what he had been told – “They are murderers and they must be stopped.”

This fellow left quite the trail of opinions in his wake in many different venues, including this recent gem on Facebook:

“Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”

It would seem undeniably true that ‘Destroy Trump & Co.’ was his violent intent.

Are the politicians and action groups and celebrities who proliferate these absurdities going to stop proliferating the absurdities? Of course they won’t. We saw yesterday in the wake of the shooting that they automatically ran to their old reliable ‘gun control’ – no mention of having called Republicans murderers. This problem won’t be solved because the people proliferating the absurdities have no intention of stopping. I suspect that the folks spreading the lies are not all that bothered by the logical outcome being for people who believe that the absurdities are truth to use force against those they have been told are the sources of all their misery.

We will continue to see the unthinking people repeat the propaganda endlessly on Facebook and Twitter. In much the same manner that the exact same people cannot connect the dots that socialism always enriches the 1% and impoverishes the 90% they will not connect the dots that repeating the lies results in violence.

The heart of this problem is very simple – as a culture we now care very little for truth and very much for narratives that satiate our emotions and what we wish was true. This is not limited to the Leftist – or do you indeed think that Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Harvey Oswald to plot killing JFK – but permeates the entire culture. That being said, the Progressives are unsurpassed in their creativeness at weaving hate and fiction into a narrative that thirst for blood. We hear it in the anti-white racism, in the calls to kill policeman, in the accusations that Republicans are murderers – on and on and on.

It is not difficult to guess where this goes. It will end up in something akin to a civil war. I have no idea why the Progressives are so determined to force that outcome but they apparently are convinced that a civil war will cure their ills.

Sometimes societies just collectively go insane.